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    I need a solution

    I would be very grateful if anyone could help me with the following problem I have been experiencing lately with my emails. I have been alerted by people I have been exchanging emails with lately that they are receiving numerous "Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender" suposedly coming from me, when sending me emails (even though I do receive their emails).

    I use Windows Mail to manage my several email accounts. And the strangest thing is that the said "server which refused mail service" is not the server used nor the email address used in the email exchange!!! (the email address mentioned is my default email address on Windows Mail)

    Also, the emails received from one particular person who is receiving these "Undelivered Mail alerts", whose email address is in my contacts and therefore should be treated as safe by Windows Mail as per my settings, are suddenly being sent directly into my junk E-mail box...

    I have pasted the "Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender message bellow.

    Could you be so kind as to let me know whether this is a genuine response or is it a virus, or is it my wondows Mail having problems, etc... I have Norton 360 on my PC and comprehensive scans show no threats.... 

    And what can I do to resolve this problem?

    Many thanks.


    From: MAILER-DAEMON (Mail Delivery System)

    Date: March 6, 2011 6:01:30 PM GMT+01:00
    Subject: Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender

    This is the Postfix program at host

    I'm sorry to have to inform you that the message returned
    below could not be delivered to one or more destinations.

    For further assistance, please send mail to <postmaster>

    If you do so, please include this problem report. You can
    delete your own text from the message returned below.

    The Postfix program

    <>: connect to[]: server
       refused mail service
    Reporting-MTA: dns;
    X-Postfix-Queue-ID: DBEDC7276D0
    X-Postfix-Sender: rfc822; info@xxxxxxxx

    Arrival-Date: Sat,  5 Mar 2011 16:06:03 +0000 (GMT)

    Final-Recipient: rfc822;
    Action: failed
    Status: 4.0.0
    Diagnostic-Code: X-Postfix; connect to[]: server
       refused mail service




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  • 10/18/11--00:02: Messagelabs question
  • I need a solution

    Hi,  Apologies in advance for this simple question but I dont have access to a MessageLabs console to confirm.  My customer currently has one Exchange 2003 server routing mail to\from messagelabs.  They will be replacing it with two Exchange 2010 transport servers for inbound\outbound smtp.  Is there a best practice for setting them up in MessageLabs?  i.e. support for more than one inbound gateway, using a separate external IP address for each transport server etc.?

    Thanks in advance,


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    I need a solution


    We have blocked the email and domain of a company that is sending us spam constantely, but we are still receiving emails from them.

    Is their a setting or change we need to make in order to stop this?

    We have blocked other domsina before and this has not proved to be a issue like this is turning out to be.



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    I need a solution


    OS of Exchange = win2008R2
    Exchange Version = 2010
    Exchange HA = 2nodes in DAG each has one database (Total 2 databases ). CAS/Hub/All roles on each node(No additional Server for CAS/CAS array and HUB Transport)
    Domain Controler = one (one win2008 R2)
    I need some suggesstion as I am willing to implement Exchange 2010 in my company environment very soon. Let suppose I am not using Catch All account and my Exchange is getting email LIVE. To prevent loss of email/email bounce in case of Exchange down I will implement Exchange HA ( with two nodes in DAG ). My question is what are the other ways which I have to consider when I am going to implement Exchange Live email receiving and not using Catch All account/option.
    For example: There is an option of microsoft FOPE (Forefront Online Protection for Exchange) which cache the messages and filter it from viruses/spam then deliver these messages to the Exchange Server which is at our location/premesis.
    There may also an option of Symantec like FOPE. The name is Symantec Email See the below link for more reference. I just want to confirm that the Symantec Email works same as FOPE works ?


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    I need a solution

    I have a Windows SBS 2008 server with a mix of XP and W7 clients running SEP v11.x

    I wish to replace these clients with the Symantec Cloud product.

    The documentation for the Symantec Cloud version of AV is confusing.  In one place it states that the installation will uninstall SEP and in another place it states that all Symantec Products must be removed before installation of the Cloud product. 

    Where can I find definitive documentation?

    Thanks in advance.



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    I need a solution

    The organisation I work for has changed the way we deliver mail so we now use our exchange server to deliver through our message security service, instead of sending through our ISP's smarthost - a change that is working very well for most of our needs.

    We send out newsletters to organisations who subscribe to them but since changing our mail delivery system, we are getting lots of NDR's (non delivery reports)

    One common NDR with a 4.4.7 (The message in the queue has expired. The sending server tried to relay or deliver the message, but the action was not completed before the message expiration time occurred.) where the header includes the following:


    Received: from ([]) by over TLS secured channel with Microsoft
     SMTPSVC(6.0.3790.3959);	 Thu, 5 Jan 2012 17:08:15 +0000
    Return-Path: <>
    Received: from [] by id xx/E2-xx84-DF8D50F4; Thu, 05 Jan 2012 17:08:13 +0000
    X-Originating-IP: []
    X-SpamReason: No, hits=0.0 required=7.0 tests=Mail larger than max spam 

    I need to know whether this translates as " your email has too high a spam count  for message labs to deliver it"

    or " The message has an attachment that is too large" or  "we aren't going to deliver this as we think its spam as it was sent BCC instead of TO a recipient"

    Many thanks for any insight

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    I need a solution

    We are having a problem with symantec cloud (formerly messagelabs) and our email being blocked by the backscatterer blacklist. We have checked our mail servers and we are NOT sending backscatter. 

    This blacklist sees backscatter coming from the ip address that our mail is sent from. However we have no control over that ip address, it seems that symantec cloud sends on our email from a range of ip addresses, most of which are blacklisted. Being cloud based in this way is a problem as these ip addresses are used by other cloud customers so If one of them is producing backscatter everyone whose mail is sent via the same ip addresses will also be blacklisted. I assume that is what is happening in this case.

    This is causing us a serious business issue as some of our customers use an ISP that uses the backsctterer black list and so they are not getting emails from us and demanding refunds for not getting the notifications they are paying for.

    How do we stop this from happening other then to stop using this product?

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    I need a solution

    Mail is randomly being delayed from Exchange 2007 server for several hours.  Initially there were DNS lookup errors in the Exchange SMTP protocol logs.  The Exchange transport was changed to utilize an external DNS server and the errors went away.

    Now the sender get a message delayed message after 4 hours and eventually the message gets delivered.  No errors appear in the SMTP send connector logs. 

    Mail flows properly to all outside domains.  The only delays are to Messagelabs servers.

    This is an urgent issue.  What can I do to resolve this problem?


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    I need a solution

    Some senders of acceptable emails are concerned that their emails are classed as SPAM and quarantined for release by the Messagelabs service.

    Although their email addresses can be entered in SPAM Manager as safe, they want to know what they must do to modify their emails to enable all Messagelabs users to have their emails not classed and treated as SPAM.

    How can they obtain this information? What can we advise?





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  • 02/06/13--18:31: traffic email
  • I need a solution

    Hi all,

    I have one question made by a customer of mine for which I cant find documentation to properly answer.

    If Im using email and for some reason the exchange server goes offline what will happen with all the inbound mails?
    Will it get lost or will it wait on queue until the exchange server comes back up?

    Also if there's some documentation regarding this any link will be much appreciated

    Roy M


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  • 03/07/13--00:16: brightmail fake mail
  • I need a solution


    We have a problem about mail security,we saw an issue about our mail clients,

    We have a user who name is ayse mehmet.She has an email address which is

    However,she is receiving  some mails from,we wonder that how it is possible that situation?because she says "I didn't send these mails".These mails are coming from outside,not inside.

    We wonder that is it a virus?how can we prevent these emails?Can we use brightmail for this problem?

    thank you,

    Best regards.

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    I need a solution

    Network Login required using AD LDAP on Symantec BrightMail Gateway Dell Appliance.

    Current Version - 10.0.1

    We want to use LDAP Single Sign on with the SMG

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  • 07/19/13--12:06: 553 mail rejection ???
  • I need a solution

    Please forgive me, this is my first post on this site.

    I am having a problem with an email return to one of my customers. My server is a 1and1 Linux business account - shared server.
    The return message he gets is the foolowing....

    Rejection message:
    553-you are trying to use me [server-11.tower-51.messagelabs] as a relay, but I have not been configured to let
    553-you [***.***.***.***,] do this.
    553-Please visit for more
    553-details about this error message and instructions to
    553 resolve this issue. (#5.7.1)

    Can anyone please kindly give advise as to what the problem is here ???

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  • 07/25/13--02:41: Outbound spam
  • I need a solution


    I have issue when our company user is trying to send emails to partner domain and gets back always same message from MessageLabs:

    #553 Message filtered - Outbound Spam (#5.7.1)

    Partner domain is already added to approved senders under Anti-Spam in messagelabs.

    Just wondering maybe you have some suggestions what could be reason for this as i cant see anything else wrong in Messagelabs settings


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    I need a solution

    We are an Email Service Provider, and one of our shared IP addresses is consistently being granted a negative reputation by Symantec.  I have submitted our IP for investigation several times, each time our reputation is cleared, but within a few hours we're back on the negative list.

    We have many clients who rely on the reputation of this Shared IP, and I believe that our presence on any blacklists is a false positive.  We are actively removing any clients who may be hitting spam traps or practicing poor list hygeine from this IP, in order to optimize the reputation of this shared IP.

    Our users are contractually required to only email contacts who have specifically opted in to receive email.  We immediately remove hard bounces from any sending lists, and address any abnormal complaint rates immediately.  Our emails are all CAN-SPAM compliant.

    Please advise as to what action we can take to remove ourselves from any blacklists.  Thank you.

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    I need a solution


    We just activated 4 new ips a few weeks ago and they are being blocked constantly by symantec brightmail (via snds review) despite all our ip's sending the same mail and having no issues at all.

    What can we do to resolve this? Is it a false positive due to a previous owner abusing them?

    Thank you to anyone who can assist :)


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  • 10/02/13--08:17: Delivery failed 20 attempts
  • I need a solution



    We have a customer Liberty Electronics who quite often has issues getting email through to a business using messagelabs. Their mail server name -; IP Address Below is their latest failure; is the messagelabs spam filter blocking them?

    -----Original Message-----
    Sent: Tuesday, October 01, 2013 6:26 PM
    Subject: Undeliverable Mail
    Delivery failed 20 attempts:
    Body of message generated response:
    Original message follows.
    Received: from DellRhoads [] by with ESMTP
      (SMTPD-11.5) id fe0c00004e67ba29; Tue, 1 Oct 2013 08:55:55 -0400
    From: "Eric Rhoads" <>
    To: "Patrick Ellis" <>
    References: <05fe01ce944d$b4364050$1ca2c0f0$><><026501ce985f$fc0871d0$f4195570$><><0a5601cea262$a3ed0f80$ebc72e80$><><110201cea9b2$3a26b090$ae7411b0$><><045c01ceafcf$6e8ae310$4ba0a930$><><002c01ceafdb$b90ba5d0$2b22f170$><><005501ceafde$78d09860$6a71c920$><><010d01ceb49f$949007f0$bdb017d0$><683C0BE4C62E5246B04DFE00A633386D2>
    Subject: FW: AAI PO 1130229 General Status
    Date: Tue, 1 Oct 2013 08:55:57 -0400
    Organization: Liberty Electroincs, Inc.
    Message-ID: <0a3501cebea5$927add90$b77098b0$>
    MIME-Version: 1.0
    Content-Type: multipart/mixed;
    X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook 14.0
    Content-Language: en-us

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    I need a solution

    In the  >  ClientNet   >  ,    you can set up alerts via SMS (text message).   That is good and we do use it. 

    However, should send those same alerts via SMTP email to my email address.

    I have asked about this before.
    The usual answer is ---  if the problem is with the email system, then sending the alert via email will not work, because email is broken--.

    I understand that idea.

    However, in  most situations I recall over the last few years, sending the Alert via email would have worked very well.   Many times it would have been delivered right away, and in other cases perhaps a small delay.   

    In any case it would be our preferred mehtod to receive those Alerts.

    SMS is nice.

    But it is not always the answer.

    The News Alerts and Service Alerts should also be sent via email.
    We do not visit the ClientNet web page "every few hours" just to check to see if there is a new Service Alert.

    It just seems really obvious to me that a company that is in the "email business" can send a few simple alert messages via email.

    Just about any device now-a-days sends emails.
    Why it that so difficult for Symantec,cloud ?

    Would be interested to hear if this would be useful to other people.


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    I need a solution

    Using ClientNet.
    I see the Logon screen quickly, but then when the main screen comes up, it is only half populated.   Many of the areas have the spinning circle icon and say  --Requesting data-- .

    After a while it completes or says try later (or something like that).

    A few minutes later, if I navigate to other functions within ClientNet, the response time is "OK".

    Trying to determine if this is a local problem here.

    Have you seen this slow initial response time ?




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  • 11/29/13--07:35: IPs listados no BrightMail
  • I need a solution


    A cada 15 dias os ips do meu servidor dedicado estão com reputação baixa no BrightMail.

    Preciso saber porque isso está acontecendo, pois eu monitoro o envio de e-mails de perto e não há problemas.

    No formulário do BrightMail para remoção de ips, eu sempre solicito nas descrições para me informarem o motivo dos meus ips estartem listados. Mas ninguém me da retorno.

    Pelo visto, a rede toda fica com reputação baixa, mas meus servidor não está originando spam. Não posso ser penalizado pelos problemas dos outros. 

    A rede onde meus ips estão inseridos é:

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